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Expert on emotional awareness and relationships and intimacy

My work as an intimacy coach is grounded in a life long passionate dedication to self-discovery, emotional awareness and Relationships .

25 years experience changing lifes.

Gain the tools to address the difficulties, dynamics, fears and insecurities that arise in your relationships. So you can create the healthy and nurturing relationships and intimacy you deserve.

Do you find difficulties in your relationships?
Would you like to learn how to address them in a healthy and nourishing way?
As we get closer and more intimate with another person, our insecurities, fears, needs, and emotional pain come to the surface.
We’d love to guide and support you on how to manage those issues, so you can reconnect and create healthy, authentic and nurturing relationships and intimacy.
Relationships are one of the central themes in our hearts and our life that really matter. 
Are you willing to learn and gain tools to create authentic and enriching relationships and intimacy?
If your heart has a yes, please Do Not miss this one !!

Through building emotional awareness, you can Create healthier and more intimate relationships with yourself and others

Emotional awareness comes from within

Through building emotional awareness, you can Create healthier and more intimate relationships
with yourself and others

What I offer

Individual sessions

Emotional awareness coach Bruno

Let’s create an individual journey together. Through focusing on your specific needs, I can support your self discovery in living healthy choices for yourself and how you relate to others. Couples also welcome.


planting the seeds of emotional awareness

I invite you to learn the comprehensive aspects of Relationships and Intimacy. Join my eight week training program to deep dive into the practical skills for creating healthy and nourishing relationships. 

8 weeks Program

group learning emotional awareness

In this eight-week training program you will be given the tools to create authentic, healthy and nourishing relationships.  Through working in a small supportive group and one on one, I facilitate your journey into the fundamental issues for creating authentic and enriching relationships and free yourself from detrimental dinamycs in your relationships.

Many of us look outwards for self worth whether it’s in material wealth or the approval of others. Yet we find ourselves still feeling a sense of being disconnected and struggling with emptiness or lack of intimacy and nourishing relationships.

The good news is that what prevents you from experiencing healthy and enriching relationships can be explored and healed. 

This program is perfect for those looking to go deeper into a holistic experience of living authentic and nourishing relationships. It is also ideal for professionals who will be able to apply it on themselves as well as to share it in their work with others.

– Ying

I would recommend the workshops to anyone who wants to learn more about emotional awareness and intimacy in relationships.

– Arthur

Every meeting with Bruno is like a meeting with a true teacher. Bruno inspires you to take on a brave and intimate journey with yourself.

– Lisa Ford

Bruno has a warm and gentle manner and is an effective, well informed, passionate teacher who effortlessly creates a relaxed and open environment. 

Emotional Awareness method to discover
deeper intimacy with yourself and others
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Emotional awareness comes from within
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