Emotional Awareness Training

Healing the fear of intimacy

In this eight-week training program you will be given the tools to create self acceptance and loving fulfillment in your life.  Through working in a small supportive group or one on one, I facilitate your journey into the fundamental issues of our emotional world and how to address them in a healthy way.

Many of us look outwards for self worth whether it’s in material wealth or the approval of others. Yet we find ourselves still feeling a sense of being disconnected and struggling with emptiness or lack of intimacy.

The good news is that someone very close can give you what you need. It’s you! 

This program is perfect for those looking to go deeper into a holistic experience of living a nourished and authentic life. It is also ideal for professionals who will be able to apply it on themselves as well as to share it in their work with others.

art of healing the fear of intimacy

Together we will learn, clarify and practice new modalities around these aspects of emotional awareness: 


healing fear of intimacy with flowers
writing practice for healing fear of intimacy

How it works:

– Damir Maux

Bruno is an amazing teacher with a lot of experience. I can recommend his work to everyone on this path of self development.

– Pilar

Bruno guided us to the place in ourselves where we are Love. Through his teachings and meditations, my life is far richer than one can ever imagine.

– Lucia Galli 

Working with my shame has been a very interesting path. It’s really hard. Bruno helped change the way that I was looking at myself and shame. It was life changing for me. 

Emotional Awareness method to discover
deeper intimacy with yourself and others
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Emotional awareness comes from within
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