Emotional self-awareness

Create and support a healthier, deeper, more satisfying
relationship with yourself – and with others.


By meditation, I mean the realization of the nature of the mind, body and emotions.
Different forms will support deepening of self-discovery and self-awareness and how to build a good relationship with yourself. By meditation then, I mean clarity on the nature of things that comes through awake awareness.
There are many different meanings for the word meditation. This is the one I mean in this case. Though we can use the word meditation to describe those different ways and techniques that support you for growing into that awareness and deep understanding.
Self-discovery, self-growth, living in the heart requires a connection with your truth and with your inner world. As you grow in awareness, you naturally learn how to build a good relationship with and manage your inner and emotional world in a healthy way.

We have generally learned to disconnect from our inner truth. We have been pushed to fit into the conditioning of the culture in which we live. We have accepted that because of the need to be accepted and valued. At the same time betraying our inner truth, what we feel and what we are. “Do not cry”. “Be like that”. “Do not be like that”.

We have also learned to disconnect from fears and emotional pain. When we were children, it was necessary. The world can be too hostile for an openly vulnerable child. As adults, we often maintain that same structure to disconnect from our emotional world. We try to avoid our vulnerability and unpleasant feelings. But in this way, we do not grow. We do not advance in intimacy with oneself and in authentic and nurturing intimacy with the other.

Awareness, mindfulness, meditation supports your growth into the realization that there is a part of you within from where you can hold the space for whatever arises in your emotional world. A space that is always there and does not need to avoid fears nor emotional pain. Through meditation and awareness, you can discover that infinite inner space where you don’t need to live in such a tension trying to avoid fear, pain and the vicissitudes of life.

Therefore, you can live connected to your truth and experience intimacy with yourself, with others and with life itself.

Emotional awareness comes from within
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