Emotional self-awareness

Bruno Mushotoku

- Emotional support - Inner Peace and
Relationship Coach

I help you to know yourself so that you Gain Inner Peace, Mental Clarity and Create Healthy and Nourishing Relationships of Love  with your self and others

25 years experience changing lives.

Emotional awareness comes from within

About me

My journey began with teaching and practicing meditation for two years at the Wat Ram Poeng Meditation Centre in Thailand. I then spent seven years living at the Osho International Meditation Centre in Puna, India. Here I learned ways to translate the benefits of meditation into everyday life.

For more than 20 years, I have been globally facilitating workshops and training as an intimacy coach on self-discovery, meditation, emotional awareness, relationships and intimacy, and Tantra.

1:1 Sessions

Emotional support on a regular basis.

What can be experienced as a stressful day at work, a problem in your relationship, or an emotional conflict, becomes an understanding of yourself, becoming aware of the root of your insecurity, fear, or emotional discomfort.

It’s not about others and external circumstances, it’s about how is it processed within you.

We look at it and up level our conversation for personal growth and discovering how to approach it, so that you can rest in your heart and inner peace.

My individual online sessions are a safe space for us to explore your current life concerns as an individual or couple.

When you open up to your heart and authenticity, your day to day life becomes more relaxed, open and authentic. Enjoying then a deeper inner peace and gratitude.

Relationships Program

In this eight-week training program you will be given the tools to create authentic, healthy and nourishing relationships.  Through working in a small supportive group and one on one, I facilitate your journey into the fundamental issues for creating authentic and enriching relationships and free yourself from detrimental dinamycs in your relationships.

Many of us look outwards for self worth whether it’s in material wealth or the approval of others. Yet we find ourselves still feeling a sense of being disconnected and struggling with emptiness or lack of intimacy and nourishing relationships.

The good news is that what prevents you from experiencing healthy and enriching relationships can be explored and healed. 

This program is perfect for those looking to go deeper into a holistic experience of living authentic and nourishing relationships. It is also ideal for professionals who will be able to apply it on themselves as well as to share it in their work with others.

Emotional Awareness method to discover
deeper intimacy with yourself and others
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Emotional awareness comes from within
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