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Personal growth coach Bruno

Become the source of love you’re looking for through personal growth!  My individual online sessions are a safe space for us to explore your current life concerns as an individual or couple.

This could be a general desire to create more intimacy in your life or specific patterns such as codependency. Together we can use different modalities such as meditation, family constellation work, self inquiry and the tools of emotional awareness for your unique path to self love and discovery.

When we open up to our vulnerabilities and emotions, our day to day lives become more relaxed, open and authentic.

online sessions for personal growth


online sessions for personal growth

How it works:

Online sessions for couples on personal growth

– Danny

I’ve had multiple individual sessions with Bruno. He has really helped me to embrace myself and to trust my heart. This has been a gift in my life and I’m really grateful for him helping me to live in my heart.  

– Eva Trías

Many consequences, especially the end of the internal struggle and the ability to love YOU and loved ones. With Bruno I have left my character armor and embraced my true self. A REAL PRIVILEGE for me as a person, woman and mother. 

– Mark

Individual sessions with Bruno are intimate, professional and beneficial. Being able to open up to someone and letting them into your personal life without judgment are one of his many talents. He has my best interest at heart and truly cares about supporting me on my path.

Emotional Awareness method to discover
deeper intimacy with yourself and others
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Emotional awareness comes from within
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