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Bruno’s online workshops on learning to love yourself

Choose from one of my live online workshops to support your growth in learning to love yourself, relationships and intimacy.

Learn the insights and tools on how to approach and relate to yourself and others in healthy and nourishing ways. Being in a small group setting helps with sharing and practice so that you feel seen and supported.

Each of my workshops complement one another to support your commitment to address insecurities, fears, and emotional pain so that you can grow in trust, love, and inner peace.

All workshops include meditation, exercises, sharing and role play to provide you with the tools for emotional awareness while learning to love yourself.

Bruno’s online workshops on learning to love yourself

Not being accepted and loved is our deepest wound. It can be triggered in both small and big ways, but we can all relate to this feeling of not belonging or being rejected. Such a core wound can manifest as seeking approval, fear and mistrust.

This workshop helps us discover how these wounds are triggered and the opportunity to meet our fears with awareness and love. Learn about co-dependent versus nurturing relationships, patterns and self sabotage so that we can create healthy relationships.

With exercises, meditation and sharing we will discover the beauty and skills in learning to love ourselves exactly as we are.

Feelings of not being enough, shame and unworthiness begin early in life. Even as babies we begin to receive a model of how we ‘should be’, how we ‘should behave’ and how we ‘should feel’.

The message we receive is ‘The way I am is not good enough, my natural way of being is not ok, which starts our pretence of becoming “someone else”.

This results in a disconnection from our true essence, causing frustration, suffering and eventual exhaustion. Preventing us from being seen and loved for who we really are.


We desire intimacy that is fulfilling, truthful, transparent and nourishing. Yet, we often find that as we get more intimate with others, our fears, needs, insecurities and emotional wounds arise.

Together we look at the specific roles and strategies that prevent us from having healthy relationships. As a group, we will discover why we get addicted to these damaging roles and power dynamics.

By engaging in authentic sharing techniques, mindfulness exercises and meditation we move beyond living limited and into discovering and enhancing deep love and intimacy.


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About Bruno

For more than 20 years, I have been supporting the space for increased personal and relationship intimacy by facilitating workshops and sessions on meditation, emotional awareness, relationships and Tantra all over the world. Through my own personal and professional path of practice and discovery, I am passionately dedicated to sharing this life changing body of work with you.

Bruno offers workshops in learning to love yourself
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