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Bruno offers workshops in learning to love yourself

The Fear of Rejection and Abandonment

An Online Workshop.

• Together we will shed light on the fear of rejection and abandonment.

• We will look beneath our protective armour, masks and strategies to learn how our emotional world works.

• We will explore how we can navigate these difficult feelings about ourselves and discover ways to allow, support and enhance deep love and intimacy.

An Online workshop

9:00 to 11:30 PST

18:00 to 20:30 CET

Mindfulness In Intimacy

Emotional Awareness


Relationships and Intimacy

You will discover how to:

• Know and understand your emotional world.

• Respect, embrace and love yourself exactly as you are.

• Dissolve detrimental patterns that block you and your intimate relationships.

• Approach fears and insecurities that are stopping you from trusting, flowing and expanding.

• Gain a more healthy, satisfactory and deeper relationship with yourself and others.

Have you ever felt rejected or abandoned? Or have you felt that you are not getting the attention and love that you would like? Everyone experiences this – it comes from our primal wound; the ‘Abandonment Wound’. 

All humans, by the mere fact of incarnating in a body, have to experience the feeling of separation. We first experience it as babies – and for babies the source of love means SURVIVAL – so when we don’t receive it, even just for a moment, it creates feelings of disconnection and fear. 

As adults we may experience it as: 

• A hunger for attention. 

• Seeking approval. 

• A need to feel valued and accepted. 

• An underlying fear and mistrust. 

• A desire to feel connected. 

• We might even try to fix it with sex or food or addictions… 

When we feel rejected or not attended to, especially by who we view as our source of love or self-worth, then our abandonment wound is activated and it triggers suffering. This might look like tantrums, complaining, isolation, blaming, silence, demanding… anything to not feel the emptiness of abandonment.  

The feeling of separation or abandonment on the one hand puts us in contact with a primal pain – but on the other hand, it offers us the opportunity to meet it with awareness and love. We can begin to live less in expectation and lack – and more in love and harmony, existing in the flow of life that we are longing for.

Together we will explore:

• How our emotional world works and how we have learnt to avoid it. 

• What the abandonment wound is and how to manage it in a nourishing way. 

• Co-dependent relationships vs. nurturing relationships. 

• Demands and expectations: the cover up of the abandonment wound. 

• Why we repeat painful patterns that sabotage our love and intimacy and how to stop doing it. 

• How we destroy intimacy and self love: Trying to control the other one. Trying to change him/her. Playing cool/being distant. Expecting the other one to cover my void.  

• How to handle and manage our insecurities, fears and emotional wounds in a healthy way. 

• How to create healthy, mature and nourishing relationships with yourself and with others. 

About Bruno

For more than 20 years, I have been supporting the space for increased personal and relationship intimacy by facilitating workshops and sessions on meditation, emotional awareness, relationships and Tantra all over the world. Through my own personal and professional path of practice and discovery, I am passionately dedicated to sharing this life changing body of work with you.

Bruno offers workshops in learning to love yourself

What People Say

– Julia

– Luz

– Carlo

– Matheo


– Chispa

I always say that in my life there was a point of no return, and that was meeting Bruno.

Yes, it is Love. The same Love that is always ever present and it is here right now as I write this.

Bruno guided us to the place in ourselves where we are Love. He takes you through a transmission ride to open up to this love, to have full permission for all emotions and to recognize who we are beyond the mind.

Attending his workshops and diving in, enjoying his clarity and joy for life, through dancing, meditation and silence, has made my life far richer than one can ever imagine.


– Ying

I am grateful to have taken part in Bruno’s workshops as they are really the core of any future learnings of tantra or personal development, to be in touch with ones emotional world , learning to accept and hold space for ones own.

Also learning about relationship patterns had bought me to much awareness of it and the obstacles on the road to intimacy, I feel already able to speak more my truth in any encounter with people, healing the past wounds for genuine connections.

I would recommend the workshops to anyone who wants to learn more about emotional awareness and intimacy in relationships.
Thank you 🙏

Anabel for Testiomonial

– Anabel

I was lucky to be able to attend several Mindfulness in intimacy workshops in person with Bruno in Thailand.

For me it was a before and after in my life and in the way I related to myself and other people. It helped me to become aware of my emotional world and above all to connect with my heart.

The Fear of Rejection and Abandonment

9:00 to 11:30 PST

18:00 to 20:30 CET


Have questions? Here are the answers

Everyone is free to choose their own pace and level of sharing at all times.

We don’t work with should or shouldn’t. There is no dogma or belief that you have to get involved in. It’s about delving into your truth and your heart. Therefore, our encouragement is to follow your heart.

The workshop will  be around 2:30 hours. Since we are exploring emotions we will have some flexibility in case the group or a student needs some more time. Of course everyone is free to leave when he/she needs it.

Definitely yes. In addition to the fact that the teacher offers individual sessions, he welcomes the sharings and questions of the students through the different media of today, email and social networks.

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