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The beginning of a relationship is always so good, right?!

Yet, we often find that as we get closer and more intimate with another person, our insecurities, fears, needs and emotional pain surface.

We may begin to feel discomfort, disappointment or frustration. We often react by adopting certain behaviours that create more distance, instead of more openness, love and intimacy.

Through working in-group and one on one, I will facilitate your journey to the core issues that are keeping you from experiencing nourishing, loving, and expansive relationships.

You will learn how to approach difficulties in relationships and gain the tools to create healthy and fulfilling relationships.

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, you can benefit from this life-changing training.

You will discover how to:


This program includes

This programe is perfect for those who truly want to move towards the nourishing relationships that we all crave and deserve. 
It is also ideal for professionals who will be able to apply it to themselves and share it in their work with others.


Modules description


1. The 3 mindsets that block nurturing love and intimacy.

In this module we will explore the beliefs and conditioning that have prevented or limited us from being available to enjoy mature love, deep and conscious relationships and intimacy.

2. From automatic patterns to conscious love.

In this module we will bring awareness to the root patterns we fall into. We will explore attitudes, patterns and behaviours that close our hearts so that we can free ourselves from the tension or drama, and bring light and openness to our relationships.

3. Letting go of Detrimental Behaviours.

We will bring close awareness to those behaviours and strategies that do not serve us and disconnect us from ourselves and the other, so that we can create a field of honesty in relationships to share our vulnerability and deepen our love.

4. How to address and heal your insecurities and fears.

We will bring light to the causes of despair, distancing, frustration and emotional pain in the relationship. And we will discover resources for addressing and navigating those emotions, so you can create deeper intimacy and nurturing love.

5. Turning imbalance into a nourishing relationship.

We will identify unconscious emotional contracts that prevent us from growing and sabotage our relationships. Why do we become addicted to roles. Why we get stuck and how to get out of its destructive spiral and achieve a full connection with presence and love.

6. Healing the roots.

Many difficulties in our relationships stem from unhealed issues from our past, especially in relationships with parents. Judgments, reproach and ingratitude towards them can block us and prevent us from growing. Emotions can get stuck in our emotional body and prevent love from flowing, leading to unsatisfying relationships and intimacy experiences. We will focus on healing your roots so that trust and love can flow through you and improve your relationship and intimacy with your partner.

7. Stages of Intimacy. Reaching the sky behind the clouds.

We will understand the different stages we go through in intimacy and how to approach them, so we can experience a more nourishing and healthy relationship with others, with ourselves and with life itself.

8. Expanding Love and openness into your daily life.

We will make sure you received the benefits that are for you at this point so you can advance in your path to your heart, to be connected to your truth and love inside. So you can create healthy, nourishing and fulfilling relationships, with your self, with the other, and with life itself.

– Lucia

– Luz

– Ying

I would recommend the workshops to anyone who wants to learn more about emotional awareness and intimacy in relationships.

– Arthur

Every meeting with Bruno is like a meeting with a true teacher. Bruno inspires you to take on a brave and intimate journey with yourself.

– Lisa Ford

Bruno has a warm and gentle manner and is an effective, well informed, passionate teacher who effortlessly creates a relaxed and open environment. 

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