Emotional self-awareness

Create and support a healthier, deeper, more satisfying
relationship with yourself – and with others.


emotional awareness as an offering of new growth

Emotional Awareness helps you move from feeling disconnected from yourself and expecting happiness from the outside to finding a connection with your own being and “finding inner peace”  and contentment based on self love and realising how to manage your emotional world.

“Healing your relationships and intimacy” gives you the space you need to realise and create what is truly nurturing and enriching in your relationships and intimacy.

The benefits of self-discovery and Emotional Awareness are innumerable. I name here some of the important benefits that we all really want in our lives:


1. Clarity, Peace and well-being with yourself.

2. knowing how to face and manage the difficulties that life presents at this time.

3. Relaxation of mental, emotional and bodily tensions.

4. More authentic, deep and satisfying relationships.

5. Learning to manage your insecurities, fears and emotional pain in a healthy way.

6. Connection with yourself. Growth in self-respect and self-love.

7. Enhance your intimacy life.

8. Make peace with reality instead of fighting it.

9. A new capacity to generate new answers and create a reality in which you do want to live.

10. Joy and openness. Feeling of a full life in terms of acceptance, presence and love.

The “benefits” begin in the short term by offering space in your heart for greater acceptance and relaxation.

As we open our hearts and consciousness, we may encounter some of those uncomfortable feelings that we have feared, rejected, or neglected. That is not always nice.

Just one of those revelations that often happen can take a huge weight off our shoulders. That is so priceless.

The space that remains in your experience for presence, appreciation, humility, feeling, intimacy, Love is immeasurable.

Emotional awareness comes from within
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