Emotional self-awareness

Create and support a healthier, deeper, more satisfying
relationship with yourself – and with others.

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fear to fail

Three elements will support our path to a more satisfying inner quality of life.

The first element to grow in emotional awareness is a healthy dose of interest. Signs that we are living in scarcity or dissatisfaction can be: unhealthy relationships, a fear to fail or abandonment issues. Or maybe just a general fear of intimacy. But there is a deeper wisdom in yourself that knows you can live out your potential. Your ability to face life as it is. Your ability to love. An inner peace and satisfaction that is beyond the circumstances.

Unfortunately, many times we wait for great suffering to awaken our interest in knowing ourselves. We wait to be interested in the true causes of our dissatisfaction whatever its form: anxiety, depression or suffering. You can wait, or you can take advantage of that inner wisdom that senses the immense benefits of knowing and understanding yourself. Creating a unity within yourself. A clarity and openness to life that is totally attainable and just needs… your interest.

A second element naturally linked to your interest will be “the curious eye that observes” your experience, your body, behavior, actions and emotional states. Eventually this will bring clarity to recognize where you are and where you want to go. It is the element of self-observation, of awakened awareness , which will make the flowers of inner tranquility bloom, the ability to accept and love oneself and others, and gratitude for your existence.

This look towards your inner space will then be charged with the strength that results in honesty with yourself. Through recognizing your spaces, your lights and shadows, you will observe some right actions and others not so much, some pleasant situations and others …. not so much.

Honesty with yourself will be the third tool that will support the flowering. It will allow you to take responsibility for your actions and be able to direct them to a meeting place with your authentic essence, clearing the land you inhabit little by little to see what it hides. Honesty will allow the sprouts of joy and love to grow clean with a strong foundation.

Thus… every little pain in your heart and every look inside becomes that seed in the palm of your hand that beckons you to observe and grow with your care.  This work will then be done with love and respect, since everything had its function, and now that the time has come, you can beautify the place you inhabit.

Emotional awareness comes from within
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