Emotional self-awareness

Create and support a healthier, deeper, more satisfying
relationship with yourself – and with others.

Bruno offers workshops in learning to love yourself


learning to love yourself

We all seek a space of well-being, fulfillment and tranquility in ourselves. We seek that through different means, without realizing that some paths are leading us further and further away from our heart’s desire.

Some people will continue to “chase carrots with hope” , only to discover over time that it is never enough or fulfilling. Some come to realise that they will achieve more of their well-being by getting to know themselves better. Some will feel too lost about where to start and may even find that fact as an excuse to keep running away from themselves and hoping for illusory solutions. Some will be afraid to face the discomforts and anxieties in themselves or in their relationships.

It is possible for each of us to recognize the benefits of “knowing ourselves better”. It is possible for everyone to recognize that it is worthwhile to progress and traverse whatever geography is presented to us to get home. It is possible for everyone to discover that moving towards learning to love yourself and in your relationships has greater value than the material goals conditioned by society.

On the path of inner growth there comes a time when the highest value is to know yourself. How your emotional world works, how it influences your “relationship issues” and how to relate to your circumstances in a healthy and satisfying way. There comes a time when it becomes clear that neither money nor another person can offer you the depth and nourishment of resting at home, living in your heart and gaining clarity on how to create a healthy and nourishing relationship with yourself, others and life itself.

We are all ready to know ourselves better through learning to love ourselves. Only the fear of intimacy with oneself and others will prevent some of us from growing. Nowadays you can find so many distractions. Still, over time you will easily feel a sense of inauthenticity, stress, anxiety, depression and failed relationships that manifest a lack of not having learned to deal with your emotional problems. Society will offer you certified “doctors” who will provide you with prescription drugs to anesthetize you and keep you “functioning”, preventing you from fully feeling what is really inside you. In other words, to keep you from the growth that your being and your heart are longing.


So are we all ready to get to know ourselves better? Yes, of course. Are we all willing? No. Most of us will keep trying to look in opposite directions, or at least distract ourselves from it. However, the consequences of dissatisfaction can lead you back to the need to rest and embrace yourself and life as it is.

Emotional awareness comes from within
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