Emotional self-awareness

Create and support a healthier, deeper, more satisfying
relationship with yourself – and with others.


relationship issues

The path is rich and brings all these infinite numbers of colors. Here I mention some of the frequent situations you may find yourself in as you grow toward self-actualization and expanding identification with relationship issues to an image of yourself that is not you:

– You get to realize, usually with surprise and excitement, how easy it can be to experience peace.

– You discover in your own experience the value of accepting and allowing things to be the way they are. In contrast to the basic tension that without realizing it, you were maintaining as you were expecting a “next” circumstance that will give you peace, happiness, bliss, love or whatever essential qualities you have projected on that future circumstance.

– You find nourishment in the experienced peace that is sensed throughout your body, so you find yourself naturally letting go of those tensions that you were maintaining.

– You may find yourself not willing to follow all the stories that we usually engage in “normal” conversations. You may want to get some more space for yourself, for silence or for creating more space to meet your experience.

– You realize how rich your experience is, whatever it may be. Under the sense of so much space within to meet experience, you are in touch with that capacity to enjoy or appreciate experience and existence happening now.

– An inner expansion from where you can include all these different points of view, even perceiving some compassion towards those who have feel as enemies before or in your daily relationship issues.

– That inner expansion breaks frontiers and it doesn’t have a sense of inner or outer anymore. It’s just expansion.

– Even with all of this, eventually emotional wounds, pain, fears will arise. Often in relationship issues or intimacy. Even though you have now fundamental tools to approach these situations, you still will feel there is job to do with exploring, understanding and healing your emotional world.

Emotional awareness comes from within
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