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My last blog looked at how social conditioning works in our emotional world, what will make us free and connected with our inner truth and inner wisdom, and how to find healthy ways to relate to our emotions, feelings and states of being.

I will speak more about this, although it will require your experience rather than just understanding, and often sharing or guidance with an experienced intimacy coach. In our emotional world there are insecurities, fears, emotional pains that we have usually been conditioned to try to avoid, even to repress. And when you open yourself to knowing them for your health, it may not be that easy and support or guidance from an intimacy coach can be very helpful.

There is an essential part of you that can include and embrace any feeling, state of being, and emotion that may appear in your experience. This part hasn’t really changed. It has features of being intact and irreducible. So, it is actually a true home, a true place of rest and trust with inner wisdom.

Finding healthy ways in relating to our emotions where we feel them but not create or recreate more trauma or emotional pain means welcoming them into this space.

How to do that, or how to discover this?  Permission. Allowing. Until, naturally, you find yourself embracing instead of repressing, covering up or compensating to try to avoid what you are already feeling. What is your inner truth versus what we have learned to disconnect to cope. Disconnecting was important when you were a child. Now you have the ability to grow emotionally.

You can find out how much capacity you have to offer space to your current condition whatever it is. That will create a free flow of energy and emotions in yourself that will feel much more nurturing than what we have generally learned to do with them.

The struggle, inner conflict and tension lessens as you move forward in realizing your ability to relate to yourself and your emotions from this deepest place in you. Give up the battles. Exhaustion, anxiety, depression find a way out.

That means growing in the inner wisdom that knows: your presence, your love is irreducible.

Now, this needs your willingness to explore it. That needs your honesty. And as I said, usually, support and guidance from an intimacy coach.

I look forward to meeting you in the heart.

Emotional awareness comes from within
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