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Bruno Mushotoku

Intimacy coach Bruno

My work as an intimacy coach is grounded in a life long passionate dedication to self-discovery and emotional awareness.

My journey began with teaching and practicing meditation for two years at the Wat Ram Poeng Meditation Centre in Thailand. I then spent seven years living at the Osho International Meditation Centre in Puna, India. Here I learned ways to translate the benefits of meditation into everyday life.

Always looking to deepen my practice, I completed further training on active meditations, codependency, Eriksonian hypnosis and Tantra. I have also attended courses on specific teaching centered on emotional awareness and co-dependency taught by master Ketan Raventos.

For more than 20 years, I have been globally facilitating workshops and training as an intimacy coach on self-discovery, meditation, emotional awareness, relationships and intimacy, and Tantra.

I love this work and truly enjoy seeing the change and fulfillment it helps bring to so many people’s lives. Please reach out to me as I would be honored to speak with you about how to deepen your experience of love and intimacy.


I invite you to learn the comprehensive aspects of Relationships and Intimacy. Join my eight week training program to deep dive into the practical skills for creating healthy and nourishing relationships. 

Individual sessions

Let’s create an individual journey together. Through focusing on your specific needs, I can support your self discovery in living healthy choices for yourself and how you relate to others.

– Alitsia Dereza

I really recommend his workshops and sessions if you seek more happiness and self-love.

– Mark

I took 10 of his online sessions. He helped me rediscover my own intimacy and connect to myself. I highly recommend online sessions with Bruno.

– Mario

Bruno is an extraordinary human being. I thank him for his great disposition, openness and empathy. I’ve learned a lot about myself thanks to his guidance. Infinite thanks for being on my path of discovery, opening and growth.

Emotional Awareness method to discover
deeper intimacy with yourself and others
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Emotional awareness comes from within
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