Emotional self-awareness

Create and support a healthier, deeper, more satisfying
relationship with yourself – and with others.

Bruno offers workshops in learning to love yourself


Emotional awareness

How many moments throughout the day do we sink into feeling of discomfort, tiredness, anxiety, fear, even not wanting to be…?

How much energy do we spend trying to conquer ourselves, feeling in conflict with who we are and our present situation?

 We can become exhausted from struggling so much. Instead of honoring our feelings and engaging with them as a part of emotional awareness , we even try to escape. Or we chase and hope for a promised future where we project our peace and our fulfilment. A future that somehow is never now.

 Life does not offer us a perfect moment stretched out in time… it is much more than that. And trying to be what we are not is exhausting.

 Discovering emotional awareness is giving us the opportunity to get to know ourselves, to rediscover ourselves and what we are . Stop escaping from what we feel and make room for everything that is.

 Delving into emotional awareness is learning to embrace life and being open to what comes without numbing ourselves with external agents or hoping and waiting for another reality. It is learning love. It is allowing ourselves to be – with our past, our present, our dreams, fears and illusions.

Emotional awareness brings us closer to ourselves. It is the opportunity to look within, discovering what goes beyond our own ideas and dreams. Moving from inner conflict, division and self-doubt to self acceptance, self-love and creating a unity within yourself. Bringing clarity to your fears of intimacy and relationship issues. Living more in your heart, at home.

 In Love and mindfulness our mission is to offer clear guidelines to open an inner space to experience love and freedom within yourself in your day to day life.

Emotional awareness comes from within
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