Emotional self-awareness

Create and support a healthier, deeper, more satisfying
relationship with yourself – and with others.


As you move into self-awareness and self-love , you will soon be thrilled to experience something your heart has longed for. But, you can still focus on illusions for the future. However, life keeps bringing its variety of waves and ‘ups and downs’ keep happening.

When you experience a high from discoveries of love, self-acceptance and how to increase intimacy, something in the unconscious is still waiting for an illusory future ideal.

An illusory ideal future is often leading us to disappointment and despair for two reasons:

  1. I am again chasing a carrot  in the hope that this time it will bring me deep and lasting well-being and fulfilment. If I reach for that carrot, I will realize sooner or later that it is not giving me what I really long for inside.
  2. I may not reach the carrot in which I projected my desired state. Then what. You will most likely be in despair.

Now, when we perceive the benefits of dwelling in your heart and well-being, this unconscious hope of maintaining these beautiful states forever, there will most likely come to a point where you will feel like you have fallen from the tree of illusion. You will feel like you are back to square one again.

But, are you really at the square one? Is the value of your progress gone? Of course not. You may feel this way when you are in such a state. That’s what it is, right? A state, a feeling.

However, this is just one more step in your path of growth towards maturity, conflict resolution, how to increase intimacy and learning to manage your emotional world in a healthy way.

What’s more, many times those unwanted bumps in life can take us to places that will enrich us a lot. It is just the qualities that it can bring with it are not so easy to value. For example: humility. Feeling our vulnerability more and our tenderness. Be more sensitive, empathetic and present in the way you relate to others. Compassion. And always a call to self-love.

Even though the mind will try to take you somewhere else, it is an opportunity to bring you more nourishment, grounding and openness.

Emotional awareness comes from within
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