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As we progress in our self discovery and personal growth, we will find expansive spaces of relaxation, openness, joy and love. However, we will also find feelings, emotions and parts of ourselves that we have been conditioned and educated to avoid or reject, but are also part of our nature. These are the challenging mechanisms and emotions in our inner world that we generally have been trying to avoid.

At the beginning, personal growth may bring emotions or states experienced as discomfort, sadness or emotional pain. States and feelings that are part of a process where we will need to grow in acceptance and love, including all parts of ourselves. This will take you towards a more clean experience- less clouded, more authentic, rooted in yourself and in your heart, therefore more satisfied.

Metaphorically speaking, it is like our home’s basement that we have disregarded or neglected. With time it is full of dust and dirt. At first, when we open the door the experience is not really pleasant. But as we remove some dust and start cleaning, we begin to appreciate having it cleared out. We may need gloves and some items to help the cleaning as well. As the space becomes more and more clean, we feel more and more pleasure to inhabit it. Finally, we feel comfortable in it and the process was more than worth it.

Personal growth also brings moments of joy and expansion. Moments where we will appreciate finding that openness of the space in our experience and in our life. It is important to enjoy the path  rather than focusing on a faraway future. The fears and feelings that we may go through are always a call to discover how big your heart is and grow in relaxation, love and joy. It is not so much about what landscapes you go through, but about connecting with who you really are. Learning to love yourself. Realising the invaluable benefits of living from that space. Finding peace at home.

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

― Rumi

Emotional awareness comes from within
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