Emotional self-awareness

Create and support a healthier, deeper, more satisfying
relationship with yourself – and with others.


Emotional awareness comes from within

How should you be to feel accepted?

How should you behave?

How should you feel? What should you achieve?

With your relationships? Your sex life?

We feel so much pressure in life to try and fit in. We have been conditioned to believe that we need to convince others and ourselves that we are what we “should be”.

When we are children we need to be cared for, feel accepted and a given a minimum of love. That programming stays in our emotional world and can lead to a fear of intimacy.

This emotional world works completely different from our rational mind. Therefore, when we are adults, although we can easily understand that we don’t really need that person and that much money to live happily, our feelings can take a completely different direction.

Our emotional world is more like a child. With its needs, insecurities and fears- including fear of intimacy. And of course, this is closely related to our childhood.

That’s why we continue with the programming. How should I act to be accepted and to do well in life? This will drive our life from the unconscious. Many important decisions will be made from the fear of it not being how it “should be”.

The problem: We will betray our truth, our authenticity, even ourselves.

The good news- we can bring awareness, understanding and free ourselves from those conditionings.

It does not mean then that you will stand against society or others. It means that you will be aligned with your truth and with consciousness knowing when it may be preferable to fully apply it or not. That way you won’t betray yourself. You will really feel like a unity of mind, body and feelings. Behave from self-love and consciousness rather than from social conditioning.

Your emotional world then feels accepted, validated and loved…by you. The one who is always there.

That’s why you don’t need to act so much looking for approval, validation and love from others, like a desperate child. Or push people away from a fear of intimacy.

The consequences are immense in terms of inner peace, a sense of inner unity instead of conflict, the free flow of your inner energy, and the free flow of your love.

Emotional awareness comes from within
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