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abandonment issues

Have you ever felt that you should be different? Or you are not good enough? Have you ever felt rejected, abandoned or left out? Or afraid of not being able to face and overcome difficulties that life may bring?

My guess is “yes”. We all have similar fears and insecurities in the depth of our emotional world. We often think: why is this happening to me? We may believe: if others would be different, I could enjoy a better life. Or: I’m not lucky enough.

How many times do you find yourself in a sea full of uncertainties, currents that take you in the opposite direction, stormy waves that you would like to disappear and you fear they will not.

We all share difficulties and the need to learn to manage our insecurities, abandonment issues, vulnerabilities and emotional tensions.

However, what we have learned is to run away, in the hope that the insecurities and fears that we carry inside do not awaken. We live a lot in this tension of trying to achieve that impossible goal. Instead of learning and understanding what is really going on inside us to know how to deal with it in a healthy way.

From a young age we learn to try to change ourselves, to reach goals that will make us happy and allow us to live in peace. Though we forget ourselves, to know ourselves. We try to distract ourselves.

Perhaps I look for an activity that does not leave me room to “be with me”. Perhaps I look for experiences that offer me some relaxation, even very momentary: shopping, gym, or the search for an orgasm. Ways to forget or distract ourselves from “ourselves”. A moment of relaxation.

We try to escape from those insecurities and fears that are in everyone’s emotional world. We all have a tender, vulnerable part that when it gets activated, can cause us a lot of tension or discomfort because we haven’t learned to deal with it.

Discovering how to relate to this part, with these states and emotions, makes you grow in self-confidence. It allows you to be less in the mind and its worries. More present, more grateful.

At Mindfulness In Intimacy, we invite you to discover how your inner world works and how it influences the dynamics of your relationships with others, in order to learn to live in a healthy and nourishing way in the relationship with yourself, with others and with life as it is.


Emotional awareness comes from within
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