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In these workshops, we will shed light on this sense of inadequacy and the fear of not being good enough, that lies beneath our protective armour; masks and strategies, so that we can manage it in a healthy and nourishing way. This way, we can embrace a higher quality of intimacy with ourselves and true, deep intimacy with others.

Feelings of not being enough, shame and unworthiness begin early in life. Even as babies we begin to receive a model of how we should be, how we should behave and how we should feel.

The underlying message we are receiving is that ‘the way I am is not good enough, my natural way of being is not ok’. The fear of not being worthy of love starts our pretence of becoming “someone else”.

This brings up the unconscious belief: ‘If others see me as who I really am, they will not like me, they will not want to be with me, they will not love me. I will be rejected’

We then begin to generate strategies to convince ourselves, and others, that ‘I am valued, I am capable and I am worthy of love’, trying to hide who we really are. This results in a disconnection from our true energy and eventual frustration and exhaustion.

Our emotional world is waiting to be received with acceptance, love and approval for who we really are.
When we understand how this fundamental fear of not being good enough works, it offers us the possibility to find this inner part of ourselves without rejecting it, to meet it with presence and love. Our entire world takes another dimension from that moment.


Subjects we’re going to explore: 

We will explore together, with self-compassion and courage, how we can navigate these painful feelings about ourselves. You will understand the wound of shame and how to heal it. Loving ourselves into healing, bringing mindfulness into what’s going on, you will discover ways to allow, support and enhance deep love and intimacy – with yourself and with others.

Fear of not being good enough, unworthiness and shame workshop

Price from Dec 1st = €45


Early bird pricing ends 30th November.



– Julia

– Luz


– Carlo

– Matheo


– Chispa

I always say that in my life there was a point of no return, and that was meeting Bruno.

Yes, it is Love. The same Love that is always ever present and it is here right now as I write this.

Bruno guided us to the place in ourselves where we are Love. He takes you through a transmission ride to open up to this love, to have full permission for all emotions and to recognize who we are beyond the mind.

Attending his workshops and diving in, enjoying his clarity and joy for life, through dancing, meditation and silence, has made my life far richer than one can ever imagine.


– Ying

I am grateful to have taken part in Bruno’s workshops as they are really the core of any future learnings of tantra or personal development, to be in touch with ones emotional world , learning to accept and hold space for ones own.

Also learning about relationship patterns had bought me to much awareness of it and the obstacles on the road to intimacy, I feel already able to speak more my truth in any encounter with people, healing the past wounds for genuine connections.

I would recommend the workshops to anyone who wants to learn more about emotional awareness and intimacy in relationships.
Thank you 🙏

– Anabel

I was lucky to be able to attend several Mindfulness in intimacy workshops in person with Bruno in Thailand.

For me it was a before and after in my life and in the way I related to myself and other people. It helped me to become aware of my emotional world and above all to connect with my heart.

Frequently Asked Questions


Our Online Workshops work the same way as Workshops in person. Once you present yourself to the facilitator, you are free and encouraged to share and participate in practices as much as you find appropriate for you. Also, you can always feel free to skip any sharing or practice any time.  


This is not a space of shoulds or should nots. There is no dogma or belief that you have to involve yourself in. This is about deepening into your truth and your heart. So our encouragement is to follow your heart.

When you purchase a workshop, the zoom link / URL will be sent to you via email along with the date, time and Workshop pdfs.

There is time for explanations, time for practices and explorations and time for Q and A. 

There is a small break around every 2 hours and as needed.

Definitely yes. Besides the fact that the teacher offers individual sessions, he welcomes sharings and questions from students through the different media today, emailing and social media. Individual sessions have their own set up through video meeting or in person of course.

Fear of not being good enough, unworthiness and shame workshop

Price from Dec 1st = €97


Early bird pricing ends 30th November.

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