Emotional self-awareness

Create and support a healthier, deeper, more satisfying
relationship with yourself – and with others.


problems communicating
  1. Support your own realizations.

One main thing that you can feel or check when you are with a facilitator or in a group, training or retreat, is to sense that there is support for you to have your own insights and realizations. Problems communicating these important moments can take away from your journey.

It is not about how you have to be, how you must behave, what is the truth or what is the better philosophy over the others. That’s a pretty dangerous way. It can be based on beliefs. Beliefs are just beliefs. The truth, the heart, is not a belief.

Being a blind follower is not what self-love and self-discovery is all about.

  1. Techniques are ways to support you on your way to your natural self.

Like the masters, facilitators or retreats, the techniques are a support for you to let yourself fall at home. The car takes you home. Trying to bring the car into your living room is car misuse. A sign that you are off track.

  1. Awareness, love and integration in your experience.

Leaders, retreats or philosophies may be based on knowledge and intellectual understanding, underestimating “Awareness” or “the Heart-Love”. Intellectual understanding can be important on some paths. But we are definitely overusing it and it can create problems communicating from our hearts. We are like giraffes who want a longer neck. Eventually, the insights or realizations must come from a deeper place.

  1. There are very different approaches.

Each approach tends to have its strengths and forms of deviation.

Zen meditation and Vipassana can ground you strongly in your presence. It’s also possible to get lost in the rigidity and not understand how to apply its benefits to everyday aspects like relationships and intimacy.

Shamanism can be fascinating and open you up powerfully. It can also trap you in your ego or in the loss of simplicity.

Tantra can wonderfully open your heart and enrich your world of intimacy. You can also get lost in the quantity of practices and can become a play of faces and performances and lack presence and deep recognition of who you really are.

Bhakti. Devotion. It can take you to wonderful spaces outside of your personality. Chanting, singing, praying. But you can lose ground and stop touching earth, which can be very valuable when required.

There are many more ways, of course. Your path may be none of those. Each person is a particular and special path or way for themselves.

Emotional awareness comes from within
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