Create and support a healthier, deeper, more satisfying
relationship with yourself – and with others.

Bruno offers workshops in learning to love yourself

Healing Detrimental Dinamycs in Relationships: Roles

An Online Workshop.

• Together we will shed light on the Roles and strategies that prevent you from having healthy and nurturing relationships.

• We will look beneath our protective armour, masks and defence mechanisms to learn how our emotional world works.

• We will explore how we can move from our isolation or frustrating ways of relating, to learning ways that allow us to discover and enhance deep love and intimacy.

Dates to be fixed.

10:00 to 14:00 GMT (UK Time)

11:00 to 15:00 CET (Central European Time)

Mindfulness In Intimacy

Emotional Awareness


Relationships and Intimacy

In this live workshop you will discover how to:

• Know and understand your emotional world in a better way.

• Approach fears and insecurities that are stopping you from trusting and expanding.

• Dissolve detrimental behaviours and roles that block you and your intimate relationships.

• Identify your defence mechanisms, so that you can grow in honesty and create satisfactory relationships.

• Create healthy, authentic and nurturing relationships.

Usually, we desire intimacy with another that is fulfilling, truthful, transparent and nourishing. Yet, we often find that as we get close and intimate with another person, our fears, needs, insecurities and emotional wounds arise.
It often happens then that one feels more entitled and more in charge. Perhaps provides more and takes the role of savior. While the other feels a bit fed up with having him too much on my back, always telling me what to do or how I should behave. Perhaps complaining about me or judging me.
One becomes bigger and demanding. The other feels under pressure trying to fit in with the others demands or expectations.
A role play that we experience in relationships and that we can explore and understand. We can discover how to heal it and grow in intimacy with ourselves, with the other and with life itself.
In this workshop you will discover ways to move beyond your frustrating and damaging dynamics in relationships. We will bring awareness to those, finding ways to move towards the nourishing relationships that we all crave and deserve.

Together we will explore:

• Bring light to relationship dynamics that prevent us from deep intimacy and how to create healthy, authentic and nurturing relationships.

• Identify unconscious emotional contracts that prevent us from growing and sabotage our relationships.

• Discover roles we adopt in relationships and how they damage trust and intimacy.

• Understand why playing the saviour doesn’t support a deeper intimacy with my partner.

• Learn how to dissolve my sense of inferiority when my partner frequently tells me what to do with my life, my profession, etc.

• Understand why we become addicted to roles. Why we stagnate and how to get out of its destructive spiral.

• Learn how to open up to others: How to share my feelings instead of my pretensions and demands.

• Learn the creative steps to take from your unconscious roles to healthy and nurturing relationships.


About Bruno

Bruno is passionate about self-discovery and emotional awareness. He began his journey in a monastery; teaching and practising meditation at the Wat Ram Poeng Meditation Centre in Thailand.  

He then spent seven years living at the Osho International Meditation Centre in Puna, India. Here he learnt ways to translate the benefits of meditation into every-day life. He studied and deepened his practice through courses and training on subjects such as active meditations, co-dependency, Eriksonian hypnosis, Tantra, and he has attended training by his friend and master Ketan Raventos. 

For more than 20 years Bruno has been sharing his knowledge and experience in relationships and intimacy; teaching and facilitating across Europe, Asia, and online. 


Bruno says: 

“I tried intensive meditation, silent retreats, therapy, hypnosis, recreational drugs, plant medicines, gurus, tantra. I sensed there was a more satisfactory way into self-love, nourishing relationships, and deeper intimacy but I could not find the answer. I was seeking and seeking, waiting for circumstances to “get better” but never solidly and fully feeling self-love nor life-love…  

Then one day, the brightness of the infinite hit on my consciousness. A breakthrough! All of a sudden, after knocking on so many doors, there was nothing else to wait for.  

Here it was. The “big embrace”. 360 degrees’ acceptance!  

Love. Surrendering. Not one inch to move out of NOW. Nothing to fight, no more war against reality. Connection. Blending with what is.  

Since then I have been sharing the joyful expression of what made me experience self-love, life-love and fulfilment.

My sessions, workshops and trainings are an extension and expansion of this discovery. I am honoured to be sharing this life-changing body of work with you. 

What People Say

– Julia

– Luz


– Carlo

– Matheo


– Chispa

I always say that in my life there was a point of no return, and that was meeting Bruno.

Yes, it is Love. The same Love that is always ever present and it is here right now as I write this.

Bruno guided us to the place in ourselves where we are Love. He takes you through a transmission ride to open up to this love, to have full permission for all emotions and to recognize who we are beyond the mind.

Attending his workshops and diving in, enjoying his clarity and joy for life, through dancing, meditation and silence, has made my life far richer than one can ever imagine.


– Ying

I am grateful to have taken part in Bruno’s workshops as they are really the core of any future learnings of tantra or personal development, to be in touch with ones emotional world , learning to accept and hold space for ones own.

Also learning about relationship patterns had bought me to much awareness of it and the obstacles on the road to intimacy, I feel already able to speak more my truth in any encounter with people, healing the past wounds for genuine connections.

I would recommend the workshops to anyone who wants to learn more about emotional awareness and intimacy in relationships.
Thank you 🙏

– Anabel

I was lucky to be able to attend several Mindfulness in intimacy workshops in person with Bruno in Thailand.

For me it was a before and after in my life and in the way I related to myself and other people. It helped me to become aware of my emotional world and above all to connect with my heart.

Healing Detrimetnal Dinamycs in Relationships: Roles

Sat 26th June 2021. An ONLINE Workshop

10:00 to 14:00 GMT (UK Time)
11:00 to 15:00 CET (Central European Time)

€35 EARLY BIRD PRICE Until 20th June

€45 Full price From 21th June

Emotional awareness comes from within
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