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Our online workshops function in the same way as the on-site workshops. Once you introduce yourself to the facilitator, you are free and encouraged to share and participate in the practices as much as you deem appropriate for you. You are always free to skip a practice at any time.

We don’t work with should or shouldn’t. There is no dogma or belief that you have to get involved in. It’s about delving into your truth and your heart. Therefore, our encouragement is to follow your heart.

There is time for explanations, time for practices and explorations and time for Q and A. 

There is a short break every 1.5 to 2 hours or as needed.

Definitely yes. In addition to the fact that the teacher offers individual sessions, he welcomes the sharings and questions of the students through the different media of today, email and social networks.

Chispa Cat

“I always say that in my life there was a point of no return, and that was meeting Bruno.

Yes, it is Love. The same Love that is always ever present and it is here right now as I write this.

Bruno guided us to the place in ourselves where we are Love. He takes you through a transmission ride to open up to this love, to have full permission for all emotions and to recognize who we are beyond the mind.

Attending his workshops and diving in, enjoying his clarity and joy for life, through dancing, meditation and silence, has made my life far richer than one can ever imagine.”

Lisa Ford

“I would recommend Bruno’s workshops without hesitation. He has a warm and gentle manner, and is also an effective, well informed, passionate psychotherapist who effortlessly, it seems, creates a relaxed and open environment to encourage and contain the emotional work. He inspires trust. As a gift, you get a recorded meditation, following the Abandonment workshop, his soothing, musical voice is yummy to listen to….”

Anabel for Testiomonial

Anabel Aragón

“I was lucky to be able to attend several Mindfulness in intimacy workshops in person with Bruno in Thailand.

For me it was a before and after in my life and in the way I related to myself and other people. It helped me to become aware of my emotional world and above all to connect with my heart.”


“Bruno’s workshops helped me to heal some emotions that I had inside. How to heal the relationship that I had with myself, finding out all those patterns that I was repeating in my life always bringing me back in a kind of loop of self destruction.”


“Working with Bruno has being eye-opening for me. It has allowed me to realize which of the things repeatedly come out for me, have to do with my own trauma, and has given me the tools to hold them every time they arise, to hold myself before going back to other people.”


“For me, the experience to work with Bruno was beautiful because I had the chance to connect with my feelings.”

Emotional awareness comes from within
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